#makingrad – Starting Matters

#makingrad – Because Starting Matters

In every business, game, action, pretty much whatever, there is always two forces.  They go by all kinds of names; ying/yang, positive/negative, proactive/reactive, progressive/regressive regardless or what you call them the meaning is relatively the same.  No matter what, we can not expect a result or reaction of any kind without the application of some type of force. This is simply a rule of our universe, specifically Newton’s Third Law “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

This action can look like any number of things. It almost always starts as an idea and then may (or may not) grow from there.  We are going to focus our content this month around this idea.

Consider the concept of starting as an action, or an application of force. We thought this was appropriate because we to are doing just that in the launch of Radify Development.

We’ll be interviewing guests on Radify Development podcast, posting new blog content, and putting the concept of starting as an action and applying force to build momentum to work. We hope you’ll stay tuned.

To kick off the momentum, we’re launching the Radify podcast featuring the Jeff Pensiero interview. Jeff is the visionary alternative developer behind Bald Face Lodge in B.C.  In addition to listening to the podcast, you can also read the notes and check out more links on the podcast notes page for this episode.

Next up we’ll have Greg Hennes, founder of the Jennings Hotel in Joseph, OR. Greg has a great story; he funded the bulk of his alternative development through a wildly successful kick starter campaign.

In both of these episodes, you’ll notice a theme: It’s all about the start.

Thanks for reading and joining us as we undergo our own start. To stay in alignment with Newton’s Third Law, we can’t wait to get your response to what we are doing and how we can make it better. Email me your thoughts at: jariens@radifydevelopment.com

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