Jeff Pensiero | The Making of Bald Face Lodge

001- Jeff Pensiero | The Making of Bald Face Lodge

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Title: Jeff Pensiero | The Making of Bald Face Lodge.

Guest: Jeff Pensiero

Company: Bald Face Lodge, Nelson BC                            URL:


“This place has become the central location for snowboarding culture” Travis Rice

“We want to snowboard in the mountains” Jeff Pensiero

“The coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of in snowboarding, hands down” Eric Jackson

Jeff Pensiero, the founder of Bald Face Lodge schools us about going all in, assuming failure, friend bashing, and what it means to Make Rad happen! Follow @baldisbeautiful on Instagram to see how they do it!

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Show Notes

The Radify Development Podcast welcomes Jeff Pensiero, founder of Bald Face Lodge

Jeff Pensiero is a snowboarder.  He also is someone who understands how to listen to your gut, read industry trends, and maintain incredible stoke level. This is a very good thing because without Jeff and his approach and vision, we wouldn’t have Bald Face Lodge, one of British Columbia’s premier fly-in snow cat boarding and skiing destinations.

In this episode of the Radify Development podcast, Jeff walks us through how he went from a 27 year-old “not-so handyman” in Lake Tahoe to fly-in backcountry ski lodge owner.

Jeff’s story is riddled with twists, turns, and strikes of tragedy; all of which he beat down through ruthless perseverance. You’ll learn about Jeff’s twist of fate, which involved landing his business plan on the desk of his future business partners; the pizza delivery guy who threw down $5,000 to invest based on stoke not numbers, and what it was like to open just after the 9/11 bombings.

At the time Jeff launched Bald Face Lodge, there were other backcountry ski lodges in existence. None of them actually “got” the total disruption snowboarding brought to the relatively stagnant business of skiing.

Understanding this turned out to be Jeff’s ace, he was in Lake Tahoe and on the ground watching this global phenomenon that is snowboarding as we know it today take off, and he was psyched!  This psyche would become the driving force to making Bald Face a reality, it is likely that very few truly saw Jeff was actually building a cultural epicenter and that this was truly the key to the success of Bald Face.

Today, Bald Face remains a pillar in the snowboarding community.  Snow cats decorated by Jamie Lynn, a corporate retreat client list that reads like a sponsor flyer from the SnowSports Industries trade show, and the globally-covered Red Bull Supernatural event.

Jeff also discusses what’s next for Bald Face in this episode. There are so many take-aways here, as he has to balance continually improving the operation with finding ways to make the lodge and entire operation more environmentally sustainable.

Jeff is still actively involved in the day-to-day of Bald Face, but lately he’s been focusing more on mentoring other up-and-coming entrepreneurs who are pushing the industry forward as he quickly acknowledges he never would have made it without all those who believed in his vision along the way.

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