INNOVATE BETTER | Yellowstone to Rainier the market indicators are everywhere, get to work!

INNOVATE BETTER | Yellowstone to Rainier the market indicators are everywhere, get to work!

Blog Date: 06/21/16

Title: INNOVATE BETTER | Yellowstone to Rainier the market indicators are everywhere, get to work!

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You may have noticed lately that I’ve been talking a lot about access, stewardship, and the evolution of how we recreate outside as our population grows. and Within that expanding populs is an even faster growing group which is that of the outdoor enthusiast…here is a great infographic on just that:  

It’s daunting. How do we manage a greater number of people in the same amount of outdoor space without harming the natural environment?Our public agencies and elected officials are paralyzed by partisan politics and the navigation of a tough election cycle..  Meanwhile tourists are killing themselves at higher than average rates in Yellowstone, putting animals in cars, and essentially wreaking minor havoc.  

The easy solution to this is blame people for being morons, drop a line about Darwinism, and ask, “how can we restrict access to get a grip on this madness?”

At Radify, we see it differently…

People are running outdoors more than ever. They are curious, their lives are hectic, and they often reside in places that are  the antitheses of places like Yellowstone!  As ‘real’ outdoor recreationalists we scoff, and yes there is a lack of common sense coming into play here, but telling large numbers of ignorant people to ‘get lost’ is probably not the answer. Not to mention all of us are ignorant about different things in certain places around the globe at one time or another in our lives.

To foster understanding and maintain access to some of the world’s most amazing places we must manage access to wild and beautiful places with compassion and understanding. How can we minimize our impact and maximize our exposure and enjoyment? Let’s  make sure bison don’t end up in the trunk of an SUV.

Here in Seattle we are fortunate to have Mount Rainier National Park in our back yard.  On any given summer day you can go to Paradise (yes that’s the name of a place in the park…) and see lines of tour busses with people taking selfies standing in the parking lot or maybe a few hundred yards up the trail with the mountain in the background, for them, they may as well be on the summit.  It’s true, I often chuckle to myself as I head up to do some ‘real’ climbing. Until I run into a dude twice my age that just sent Liberty Ridge (one of North America’s most technical alpine routes) for the 10th time and is on his way down. Wait, am I really much different from the tour bus rider?  Do I deserve to be there any more than they do?  I don’t think so….

I do think what we have is a land access and management issue that we are failing to keep up with.  It is essential that the outdoor recreation and tourism industry address this issue through increased access with a serious focus on environmental stewardship. Let’s go surfing and skiing, but avoid the tragedy of the commons.

These recent unfortunate events are simply another example of the overwhelming level of market indicators suggesting that as stewards and professionals in the outdoor recreation market our time to shine is now! Let’s double down and innovate harder!

For me, right now, this looks like creating Radify Development to provide portals to help others do that as well.  For my alternative development project, it looks like letting someone know that it’s pretty unlikely they’ll get attacked by a shark if they go surfing in Westport, WA. Maybe for you it looks like making sure there are less people realizing they need to put chains on their car when they are already stuck, sitting in the fast lane, while simultaneously realizing they have no idea how to use chains in the first place.  These guys noticed that and are doing something about it  

Next time you see somebody  struggling, maybe give them a hand and then ask yourself what chain of events got that person into this unfortunate situation? Is this scenario a one-off or pandemic? If it’s the latter, the question then becomes ‘what are you going to do about it?’.

With our alternative developments we are aiming to answer those questions. We want to get people into the outdoors, and help them do it right.

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