I got a real big team, they need some real big rings | Drake

Real big team, Real big rings | Drake

Blog Date: 05/05/16

Title:I got a real big team, they need some real big rings” – Drake

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My blog posts on branding and marketing mention the importance of building your team. Today, I’m going to share the importance of getting everyone on your team to understand your vision in such a way that when they share it, it will be expanded and enhanced.

If you’re new in your job, you’re probably noticing that everyone’s talking about the importance of building your team and relationships, blah blah blah…right? I get it. In the traditional sense, they probably aren’t that far off, but I know you’re also wondering how this applies to you. Let’s talk about that.

To keep it simple, remember this: The people you bring in early, your team will have a profound impact on the shaping of your vision and ultimate success of it.

You’re probably thinking “bright idea, I get that you’re telling me that my attorney and/or accountant should be my best friends, and how good ones are worth their weight in gold!  (Don’t cast me out yet attorney and/or accountant friends, I’ll get to you, I promise!)

This advice is absolutely true and right-on. But only when the time is right. If you are just getting started it may feel a little pie in the sky; it probably is (for now).  We’ll cover expanding the team at this level a bit later. Today, I’m focusing on the beginning as I’ve noticed this part of the process seems to have a lot less attention paid to it but is equally, if not more important.

As you get going it is likely that your time spent on team building will likely yield better results if you focus on what you need now; you may be familiar with the concept of 80/20, the upshot is spend time on the things that create results.

What this means is focus on what you need and who needs to be involved now to get you to the next step and worry about who you will need later, later, like when you actually need them!

So who are the people you need now?

This will completely depend on where you are in the process.  If you are just getting started the people and relationships that form your team will likely be far less formal than the ones you will need to add later.  These will be people already working in the space that you’re considering, those with expert knowledge and experience who can give you a perspective on your plan that you may not have already considered.

It will also depend on where you are in the process. Do you have a site or an area in mind already and need to line an operation up to it? Or perhaps you’ve got the operation already and want to up-level by adding a location, creating an initial physical location, switching from a lease to an ownership position etc.

All these scenarios, which there are many more, will require slightly different starting positions.  I will be spending time in the future looking at the different approaches you could take for a number of these possible scenarios but for now I’m going to stay general.

Start with who you need. Then, identify them, and then go after them!  If you like a particular site, look it up and see who owns it, go talk with authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), see if what you want to do can actually be done in that location. Don’t have a site but have an operation or even just an idea for an operation, figure out what you need in a site and start narrowing.  Along the way your team will begin to build itself as the questions you need to be asking will become far evident and as you seek out the answers those you need NOW will become clear.  As you move through the process this team will grow accordingly, it’ll have to.

This may be a pretty basic and simple concept to many, so just take it as a reminder.  Don’t get caught up in the weeds with the things that don’t matter today, get going and keep going.

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Real Big Team, Real Big Rings


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