018- LOGE Camps & Job Opening Radness!

018- LOGE Camps & Job Opening Radness!

018-  LOGE Camps & Job Opening Radness!

Guest: Johannes Ariens

Company: Radify Development URL: http://www.radifydevelopment.com

Show Sponsor: Radify Development


Show Notes:

Quick show today with Wrangler Laramie and I breaking it down!  We chat about the Surfrider Foundation’s Clean Water Classic Event, our search for an awesome care-taker, and how in the world we structure a season pass for our Westport property!  

We also mention this rad Clean Water Classic Edit by Northfork Industries you need to check out as it completely captures PNW Surf Culture at its finest.

Name drops of some of our rad partners include:

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018-  LOGE Camps & Job Opening Radness!

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