CAPOW! | Marty Schaffer; BOWNER (Business Owner) on bringing insane amounts of Rad to the backcountry!

004- CAPOW! | Marty Schaffer; BOWNER (Business Owner) on bringing insane amounts of Rad to the backcountry!

Show #: 004

Title: CAPOW! | Marty Schaffer; BOWNER (Business Owner) on bringing insane amounts of Rad to the backcountry!

Guest: Marty Schaffer

Company: CAPOW! / Blanket Glacier Chalet             URL:


Marty runs CAPOW! (Canadian Powder Guides) and the Blanket Glacier Chalet and he is stoked about it!  You know how sometimes you hear people say things like ‘synergy’ and it makes you want to vomit?  Us too!  That said, it would be hard to suggest there isn’t a touch of that going on in today’s show.  Marty and his epic crew are brining rad to a business that has traditionally lacked it (Backcountry Ski Guiding) and people are flocking to it! Join us as we talk industry disruption and what pillow talk is actually all about!



Marty Schaffer is the Bowner (Business Owner) of CAPOW! & Blanket Glacier Chalet in Revelstoke BC.  He is also someone who is on a ruthless mission to educate and keep safe the newest generation of backcountry rippers.

To accomplish this, he’s taken long standing perceptions surrounding the guiding business and flipped them on their heads. He’s making it rad and in doing so, he’s crushing his market and saving lives through education!

Marty’s story is one that makes a lot of sense when you consider his history.  His parents were fortunate to acquire the Chalet, which is located on BC Public “Crown Land” under a tenured lease.  Like many backcountry chalets in BC, it’s only accessible by helicopter and it’s 100% off the grid.

Marty has never not skied. He’s grown up around the Chalet and is a natural in the backcountry. He’s also spent time in the world of ski patrolling, where he honed his avalanche forecasting and operational skills during the founding days of Revelstoke Ski area.

As a professional in the ski guiding business he’s witnessed firsthand the explosion of backcountry usage and the evolution of freeride skiing.  He noticed that avalanche and backcountry safety education wasn’t keeping up with the explosive growth of backcountry snowsports. Marty also noticed that the education that was being offered definitely wasn’t tailored to the new users, many of whom are of a younger demographic.

This is the differentiator for Marty, the CAPOW! Crew, and Blanket Glacier.

They’re shredders, professional skiers, and just generally stoked.  There clients are the same kind of people and they don’t shy away from wild terrain. Instead, as Marty teaches them to, they attack it strategically.

To add to all this The Chalet is being renovated this summer from The Blanket Glacier Chalet into The CAPOW! Clubhouse, a feat in it’s own right given the heli only access and gnarly terrain!  It will be now have new amenities such as a party hammock and additional square footage bring it further inline with the CAPOW! way of doing things business.

Want to learn more about CAPOW! and Blanket Glacier?  Check out some of next seasons camps: How to Talk To Girls // Pillow Talk, Lickety Split-Boarding, How to Hook Up With Your Friends, Friends with Benefits, and many more!

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CAPOW! | Marty Schaffer; BOWNER (Business Owner) on brining insane amounts of Rad to the backcountry!

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