Mining for Powder High in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.
003- Bob Kingsley | Staking his claim

003- Bob Kingsley | Staking his claim- Mining for Powder High in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

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Title: Bob Kingsley | Staking his claim- Mining for Powder High in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

Guest: Bob Kingsley

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Bob searched for years to find just the right location for what is now the Opus Hut, a high-mountain alternative development situated at over 11,000 feet outside of Ophir, Colo.  Finding it took relentless determination and an in depth knowledge of his industry and the surrounding terrain.

He new there was a place and a way, year after year of hitting dead ends and frustration with land agencies and private land just not being logical he turned to mining claims. Turns out this decision would lead him to the strike of his life high in the San Jaun Mountains.


The Radify Development Podcast is the resource and community for alternative developers and today, I get to welcome a big-thinking developer with an iron will: Bob Kingsley, founder of The Opus Hut, located at over 11,000-feet in elevation in the heart of the San Jaun Mountains, Colo.

Bob is a backcountry ski guide, a timber framer, a mason, an international traveler, and without question a visionary Alternative Developer!

Of all the things Bob could talk about, today it’s The Opus Hut. In this episode, you’ll learn how it came to be and what makes it so unique.

Like in so many Alternative Developments, one of the most interesting facets is the acquisition of the property. Bob’s experience getting his hands on the property for the Opus Hut is no different.  He had travelled to Europe and India, among other locations around the world, and experienced huts unlike most of those found in North America. This was the inspiration.

Bob’s travels took him to both huts and tea houses situated at altitude in areas surrounded by expert skiing and climbing terrain. This experience is exactly what Bob was looking to create in North America. While he appreciated all styles and variations of huts, he saw a market gap in his home country for something that would be more aligned to the European high alpine model.

Needless to say, parameters drive projects, and in Bob’s case this couldn’t be more true.

After years of searching for land and attempting to navigate public land use agencies he decided to give mining claims a shot.  Pouring over maps and applying his hard earned local knowledge of the area, he came across a claim that could work if the boundaries were just a bit different… you’ll want to hear about this straight from Bob so tune in and enjoy the show!

There’s much more to the story of how Bob broke ground and eventually created the hut of his dreams. Listen to this episode to hear the amazing story of how Bob built the Opus Hut at over 11,700’ high in The San Jaun Mountains.

Fortunately, Bob was the guy for the job and after roughly five years he had accomplished an amazing feat of construction.

The Opus Hut is complete with full service dining, a bar, indoor toilets, radiant floor heating, essentially the works… And he’s already planning the next expansion!

The hut is open year around for private guests as well serving many local and international guide services as a touring base.

Download the episode and get inspired! Part of my mission at Radify Development is to further Alternative Development, and by rating and reviewing my podcast on iTunes, you help bring huge visibility to the discipline of Alternative Development. Thanks for listening!


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Episode 003-  Bob Kingsley | Staking his claim- Mining for Powder High in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.


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